I am a fourth-year graduate student in Mathematics at Auburn University studying under Hal Schenck. I earned a B.S. in Mathematics with minors in History and Classics at the University of Kentucky. While at the University of Kentucky, I conducted research with the University of Kentucky Math Lab and also as part of the Multimodal Vision Research Laboratory.

My primary research interests lie in commutative algebra and topological data analysis. However, I've been finding that a lot of side projects that interest me come from combinatorial optimization. A copy of my CV can be found here along with my contact information.

Graduate Research


Topological Data Analysis

Use techniques from computational topology to analyze and exploit the shape of data.


Lefschetz Properties

When does multiplication by a linear form have full rank in an Artinian algebra?

Undergraduate Research


Discrete Heisenberg Group

How well does Ehrhart theory translate to the noncommutative world?

flight route

Flight Route Estimation

How well can you estimate the path of a LiDAR sensor given a scan of the terrain?


twisted cubic

Visualizing Algebraic Surfaces

Cool 3D prints of objects popping up in math.


TA Assignments

Is there a nice algorithm to assign TAs to teaching assignments given a set of constraints and a list of preferences?


Generating Minecraft Worlds

Use techniques from deep learning combined with real world data to generate realistic worlds in Minecraft.

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